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About Us

Since when?

The origins of GroupJob date back to 1988. And 30 years later, our constant development and continuous improvement processes, allow us to adapt and compete successfully every day.


In any area of the national territory, thanks to 100% digitalized processes. We are on your PC or mobile phone: just one click away! And whenever you need it, we will be physically present with you as well. We are also available for consulting on international projects.


The slogan, “People are the Value”, is GroupJob’s vision. It allows us to be aligned with the most demanding clients, and it guides our current and future action policies.


Because we are a stable and trusted provider, prepared to keep you informed and make the difference starting on day one. And because we are passionate about people and about the possibility of being part of your personal and business projects.

With whom?

You will be supported by a great team of specialized professionals committed to your objectives. We will team up with you, shareing your goals, while always aligned in values.

About our values

We are true to our values, to achieve what we do and what we are.

People Orientation

We are people serving people. We work to ensure that any person related to us always receives a positive return, regardless of their role.


We face challenges with creativity, tenacity, precision and optimism adapting and modifying our approaches until they are as effective as possible in each case.


We are precise and efficient in managing all our procedures and services, while remaining true to our own and our clients’ values and strategic lines.


We adapt to the reality and needs of our clients, offering tailored value solutions in each case.


We are ready to react to any Talent Management and Development need, thereby considering the priorities, requirements and deadlines of our clients, while maintaining our quality and service standards at all times.

Detail Oriented

We like to be very careful, while respecting the particulars of companies, employees and candidates, offering personalized attention throughout any service.

Ethically Responsible

We strive to exemplify and promote corporate well-being, transparency and standards of integrity, both internally and with our clients and candidates. Operating with integrity and sincerity is essential to our identity.

About our solutions

Through active listening and by understanding your opportunities in the People Area, we can provide you with solutions that best suit each moment and need.

With ValueJob, you will have authentic specialists and will enjoy the best Integrated Service for Talent Management and Development: Recruitment of Key Profiles, Training and Development, as well as HR Consulting.

We are Passionate consultants for Talent, and have over 20 years of experience at the highest level.

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With TempJob ETT, you can solve your temporary or stable hiring needs, through our Temporary Work, Portfolio Recruitment and Premium Recruitment Services. Always ready, agile and efficient.

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In addition to the Quality, Agility and Efficiency of the services of both companies, GroupJob gives you the following advantages:


of a common pattern of Identity in our services.


of a single partner, who offers a Comprehensive Service throughout the national territory


of highly Specialized professionals, who ensure an Overview of each business reality and context.

Present in the main sectors and areas

We advise you on different available solutions, so that you can choose the most appropriate service for your business.

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